Bottled Water - Is It Better for Your Teeth?

By Dr. Elizabeth Fleming
December 31, 2013
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Something that most people consider to be healthy is actually causing an increase in dental cavities among children and many adults.

The culprit? Many believe it is bottled water. While most of us know the dangers of drinking sugar loaded soft drinks and their sneaky cousins, the “sports drink,” we often don’t remember that bottled water is replacing the fluoride fortified tap water that exists just about everywhere in North America. The Centers for Disease Control reports that bottled water has become so prevalent in the diets of Americans that many are not getting the proper amount of fluoride they need to keep their teeth healthy. 

According to the International Bottled Water Association (sounds like a wild and crazy group) – bottled water consumption has recently doubled and the average American now drinks thirty gallons per year! Believing that it is healthier, many parents are not only having their kids drink bottled water, they are preparing baby formula with it too! Even bottled water that is basically tap water in a fancy container is micro-filtered, a process that can remove fluoride.

At Desert Ridge Smiles, Dr. Elizabeth Fleming and staff believe in keeping your smile beautiful and your teeth cavity-free. Drinking tap water instead of bottled water whenever possible will not only save you money and keep millions of plastic bottles out of landfills, it can help you keep your teeth healthy!

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