Orthodontic Treatment for Children

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Orthodontic Treatment for Children 

Early correction and treatment of misaligned teeth ensure your child’s dental health will be addressed at an early age. According to the American Dental Association, a child should visit an orthodontist by the time he or she is seven years old. Our comprehensive team ensures that your child has a warm and friendly experience in a fun filled atmosphere. With our experience and expertise, we make sure that your child receives the right treatment at the right time.

Early treatment

Treating any healthcare-related condition at an early stage ensures that the treatment is more effective. Early treatment can also result in less expensive, and potentially faster, treatment. It also helps reduce potential risks in the future. Most of the orthodontic disorders such as crowding and uneven development of the facial bones can be treated in childhood, preventing the need for more lengthy treatment as a teenager or adult.

Metal/Self-ligating Brackets

Modern orthodontists use self-ligating brackets for treatment. This newer technology has helped to reduce the friction previously experienced between the wire and the bracket. The treatment allows the use much lighter weight forces, which ensures the health of the gum and bone tissues. This means that the treatment process is much faster, and braces need to be adjusted less frequently. This has also enabled orthodontists to reduce the need for extractions as compared to the past. Patients experience more convenience with faster treatment, fewer appointments, and dazzling results.

Invisalign™ for teens

Treatment with Invisalign is an innovation in orthodontics, which straightens teeth by correcting crowding by means of a series of removable aligners made of clear material that are changed at specific intervals. Invisalingn makes use of computer imaging to customize aligners based on the orthodontist’s treatment plan and diagnosis. The aligners help to position your teeth correctly for a beautiful smile. The added benefit of these aligners is that they are removable, allowing easy brushing, eating, and flossing. The duration of the treatment is usually six to twenty months and provides results similar to traditional braces.