Isolite Dryfield Illuminator

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The Isololite Dryfield Illuminator is a revolutionary device that not only lights from within the mouth; it also offers retraction, protection, fluid and debris removal, and comfort for the patient.

By lighting the oral cavity from within the mouth, the area is completely visible without any distracting shadows. It has been shown to reduce procedure time by 20-50% and has improved ergonomics for dentists, assistants, and hygienists.

Patients are more comfortable with the flexible mouthpiece, which replaces other devices used for retraction, illumination, and removal of saliva, fluid, and debris from the procedure. It also protects the throat from accidental inhalation or swallowing of material. The working area is kept dry during procedures.

The mouthpieces are latex and silicone-free and are hypoallergenic. Isolite mouthpieces are completely flexible so that placement and removal are comfortable and easy. They fit securely and allow the patient to relax the jaw. Each piece is only used once and then discarded, to decrease the possibility of infection. With six sizes to choose from, there is a mouthpiece that will be a comfortable, secure fit for every patient.

This one device replaces multiple pieces of equipment, reduces the number of hands necessary to work during a procedure, eliminates the need for separate suction, removes the need for multiple light adjustments during the procedure, reduces the need for repositioning the patient for access/lighting, replaces the need for repeatedly soaked cotton or gauze, and other devices that simply add time and discomfort to a typical dental procedure.

The Isolate Dryfield Illuminator System makes dental procedures more comfortable, shorter, and easier for the dentist and the patient.