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The teenage years are difficult enough without having to wear metal braces. Those very obvious brackets and wires can irritate cheeks and gums, require special mouthguards for athletes, and make teens give up favorite treats like gum or popcorn! With Invisalign Teen, your teen won’t even look like they’re wearing braces.

School pictures and prom photos will no longer require closed mouth smiles or groans of disgust when the metal braces show in the final product if your child is using Invisalign Teen.

The product works the same as the adult version of Invisalign, except for a small blue dot indicator (very discreet and unnoticeable) that fades over the two week wearing time. This reminds the teen that it is time for the next tray to be put in.

And for those parents who remember accidentally throwing away containers and having to search all of the lunch bags in the garbage? Invisalign Teen includes up to 6 free replacement aligners.

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? Talk to us about Invisalign Teen.