Tooth Anatomy

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Tooth Anatomy

Tooth anatomyThis illustration shows the anatomy of a tooth and gums as well as the supporting structures that surround a tooth.

Glossary of Terms:

Blood vessels
carry nutrients to the tooth.
alveolar bone forms the tooth socket and provides it with support.
the layer of hard bone-like tissue covering the root of the tooth.
Cemento-enamel junction
the line where the enamel and cementum meet.
the hard yellow tissue underlying the enamel and cementum, making up the main bulk of the tooth.
the hard, white outer layer of the tooth.
the gum tissue surrounding the tooth.
the connective tissue that surrounds the tooth and connects it to bone.
relay signals such as pain to and from your brain.
located in the center of the tooth, it contains the arteries, veins and nerves.
Root canal
canal in the root of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels travel through.