Water Fluoridation

By Dr. Elizabeth Fleming
January 15, 2014
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In Arizona, many cities have been adding fluoride to the water supply for years, resulting in a marked decrease in children with decayed teeth.  Coming in  September 2012, the Phoenix City Council will reassess fluoridation in the water system.

Is water fluoridation a good thing or a bad thing?  Let’s look at the facts:

*  Fluoride is a mineral, not a medication, and is added at a therapeutic level depending on the natural content of fluoride in the water. Phoenix has added .7 to 1.2 mg/L to the city water.

* The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) recognizes community water fluoridation as one of ten great health achievements of the 20th century, by protecting teeth from decay.

* Reports in 2011 found Fluoride did not cause bone cancer, and was not found to be carcinogenic by the California Office of Environmental Health Assessment’s Cancer Identification Committee.

* Reputable organizations such as the American Dental Association, The World Health Organization, American Medical Association and many others recognize the health benefits of preventing decay by community water fluoridation.

* According to the April 2000 Journal of Dental Research, half of children between the ages of 5 and 17 have not had a cavity in their permanent teeth, due to the use of fluoride.

As a practicing dentist, I have seen children with the ill effects of being raised in non-fluoridated communities  and have also seen young adults with NO decay, as a result of fluoride exposure.  The only people I have seen with fluorosis due to too much fluoride exposure were kids from Mexico where many things are unregulated, and who lived in rural areas where well water with high fluoride content was the main water source.

I believe that taking fluoride out of the city water would be a mistake, especially for the children, who need extra fluoride protection during the formative years.  Water fluoridation has been effective at reducing cavities in both children and adults.  We have come this far in cavity prevention.  Why reverse this now?  Show your support to the Phoenix City Council for keeping water fluoridation in the City of Phoenix water, on September 11, 2012.

Elizabeth Fleming, DDS and the staff at Desert Ridge Smiles

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