Making It Happen

By Dr. Elizabeth Fleming
January 15, 2014
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Do you plan, set goals, make resolutions every year to make the new year better than the last?  Good for you!  You are creating a vision, which will enable you to work at changing things to achieve a better result.

Did you know that the simple task of writing down your goals makes them more likely to happen?  Or that doing the same old things, the same old way, will achieve the same old results? 2012 is the year to shake things up, go along a different path, make some different routines!

One of my goals has been to find balance in my life, with the constant tugging from work, family, and spiritual needs, in addition to finding the time for rest and relaxation.  It is a challenging goal, but I found it’s okay to say, “No”, when my plate gets too full, which has been a liberating experience.

2011 was a tough year.  I implemented many changes within my practice, learned to stand up and be heard, and not to be derailed, even after hearing negatives a time or two.  The ultimate outcome?  Lots of goals reached in 2011!  It was hard work, but the rewards are outstanding!

Set your goals, believe in yourself, work hard, and make it happen in 2012!

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